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1 An exploration of risk factors associated with dating violence Examining the predictability of adolescent female dating violence perpetration 2015 Dione Moultrie King
2 The interplay between transnationalism and health behavior of African immigrants in America 2017 Kelechi Ibe-Lamberts
3 Impact of demographic and behavioral risk factors on oral cancer in Florida 2018 Denice Curtis
4 Anchoring, affect, and efficiency of sports gaming markets around playoff positioning 2015 Kevin Krieger
5 Behavioral characteristics of adult patients on highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in Uganda 2012 Constance Shumba
6 Association of health empowerment and handgrip strength with intention to participate in physical activity among community-dwelling older adults 2019 Karla A. Caillouet
7 Internet use and misuse Preliminary findings from a new assessment instrument 2003 Robert J. Rotunda
8 Health-risk behaviors and dating violence victimization An examination of the associated risk behaviors among detained female youth 2015 Dione M. King
9 Exploiting week 2 bias in the NFL betting markets 2015 Justin Davis
10 Cognitive behavioral therapy and aerobic exercise for survivors of sexual violence with posttraumatic stress disorder A feasibility study 2015 Erika N. Smith
11 Problem-based learning strategies for teaching military social work practice behaviors Review and evaluation 2012 James D. Whitworth
12 Effects of elastic modulus on behavior of polymer coated fiber modified short concrete beams 2019 Kasim Korkmaz
13 Spatial variability of loggerhead sea turtle nests on Pensacola Beach 2015-2019 2020 Madison Williams
14 Using a daily report card to reduce off-task behaviors for a student with Autism spectrum disorder 2020 Benjamin S. Riden
15 Parenting, anger, and effortful control as predictors of child externalizing behavior The role of child sex as a moderator 2017 Cynthia L. Smith
16 Impact of trial-based functional analysis on challenging behavior and training A review of the literature 2017 Salvador Ruiz
17 Advocating for students with learning and behavior challenges Insights from teachers who are also parents 2018 Keri Haley
18 The phenomenon of unethical behavior in the college fraternity 2013 Joshua Schutts
19 Entropy based distributed behavior modeling for heterogeneous multi-agent systems 2020 Luke Fina
20 The nature and extent of component analyses for improving or mitigating behavior A Systematic Review 2020 Benjamin S. Riden