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1 Chapter 15: Testing the usability of time-geographic maps for crime mapping 2013 John D. Morgan
2 Auto Accessories, Inc. An educational case on online transaction processing (OLTP) and controls as compared to batch processing and controls 2017 Sherwood Lane Lambert
3 International AC An education case on continuous monitoring SQL Server data with ODBC-linked tables in Microsoft Access 2016 Sherwood Lane Lambert
4 But where can we buy an ounce of prevention? Sprawl, access, and fresh fruit and vegetable consumption 2016 Kellie O'Dare Wilson
5 Retrospective cohort study of factors impacting client attendance in physical rehabilitation clinics 2012 Julie Ann Stuart Williams
6 Merchandise hardware A case designed to teach students generalized audit software using Microsoft Access 2015 S. Lane Lambert
7 Molecular diversity time series database for northern Gulf of Mexico 2021 Sarafina Mowe
8 Faculty support in higher education 2021 Lynne MacBain