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1 Chapter 15: Testing the usability of time-geographic maps for crime mapping 2013 John D. Morgan
2 Increasing service through aggressive dealer inventory return policies 2003 Sara Lonn
3 New metrics and scheduling rules for disassembly and bulk recycling 2003 Julie Ann Stuart
4 Design and testing of a real-time audio-quality feedback system for weather broadcasts and a framework for a weather broadcast transmission technology switch 2019 Amitabh Mishra
5 Estimation of maneuvering aircraft states and time-varying wind with turbulence 2013 Je Hyeon Lee
6 Prediction of microdrill breakage using rough sets 2011 Hakki Ehran Sevil
7 The use of correlation dimension in detection of synchronization in mechanical system models 2008 Hakki Erhan Sevil
8 Molecular diversity time series database for northern Gulf of Mexico 2021 Sarafina Mowe
9 Condition monitoring of drill bits by use of nonlinear dynamics measures 2007 Hakki Erhan Sevil
10 Global environmental change effects on plant community composition trajectories depend upon management legacies 2018 Michael P. Perring
11 Is this kid a likely experimenter or a likely persister? An analysis of individual-level and family-level risk factors predicting multiple offending among a group of adjudicated youth 2018 Hasan Buker
12 Design of a nested saturation controller with improved wind disturbance rejection for UAVs 2021 Luke Fina
13 Design of experiments and statistical process control using wavelets analysis 2016 Achraf Cohen
14 Indoor RF positioning system 2021 Odalys Rodriguez
15 Indoor autonomous drone mapping with ROS 2020 Erik LaBrot