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1 Validating a measure of work stress for correctional staff A structural equation modeling approach 2012 George E. Higgins
2 Exploring the behavior of juveniles and young adults raised by custodial grandmothers 2016 Natalie W. Goulette
3 An assessment of secondary traumatic stress in juvenile justice education workers 2011 Schnavia Smith Hatcher
4 Serious juvenile offenders who have experienced emerging adulthood Substance use and recidivism 2016 Andrew S. Denney
5 Growing pains Investigating ways to improve PTT longevity on juvenile sea turtles 2020 Chloe Huntley
6 Youth who kill in Turkey A study on juvenile homicide offenders, their offenses, and their differences from violent and nonviolent juvenile delinquents 2019 Ayhan Erbay
7 Expected functions of an effective child justice system administration? A framework developed through a qualitative study in Turkey 2019 Hasan Buker
8 Is this kid a likely experimenter or a likely persister? An analysis of individual-level and family-level risk factors predicting multiple offending among a group of adjudicated youth 2018 Hasan Buker