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1 Impact of milieu teaching on communication skills of young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 2013 Robyn J. Christensen-Sandfort
2 Validating a measure of work stress for correctional staff A structural equation modeling approach 2012 George E. Higgins
3 Evaluating the BANCS streambank erosion framework on the northern Gulf of Mexico coastal plain 2017 Mitchell McMillan
4 An assessment of secondary traumatic stress in juvenile justice education workers 2011 Schnavia Smith Hatcher
5 Workplace social stressors, drug-alcohol-tobacco use, and coping strategies 2016 April D. Schantz
6 From where does my support come? Unpacking the contribution of support for police 2020 April D. Schantz
7 Using a daily report card to reduce off-task behaviors for a student with Autism spectrum disorder 2020 Benjamin S. Riden
8 Overprotective parenting and peer victimization in extremely low birth weight survivors 2017 Kimberly L. Day
9 Exposure to overprotective parenting and psychopathology in extremely low birth weight survivors 2017 Kimberly L. Day
10 Identifying at-risk college student drinkers with the AUDIT-US A receiver operating characteristic curve analysis 2018 Michael B. Madson
11 Oxidation of thiol-proteases in the hippocampus of Alzheimer's disease 2005 Jennifer L. Marcum
12 Oxidative stress inhibits ionomycin-mediated cell death in cortical neurons Adrian T. McCollum
13 A mixed reality based hybrid swarm control architecture for manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T) 2018 Aditya N. Das
14 Redox regulation of cysteine-dependent enzymes 2010 Rodney P. Guttmann
15 Adult mental health outcomes of child sexual abuse survivors born at extremely low birth weight 2016 Jessie I. Lund
16 Associations between the impact of COVID-19 and maternal stress 2021 Olivia P. Cutshaw
17 Measuring depression, anxiety, and stress in nursing students using the DASS-21 scale 2021 Morgan Snow