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1 Impact of milieu teaching on communication skills of young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 2013 Robyn J. Christensen-Sandfort
2 Validating a measure of work stress for correctional staff A structural equation modeling approach 2012 George E. Higgins
3 Evaluating the BANCS streambank erosion framework on the northern Gulf of Mexico coastal plain 2017 Mitchell McMillan
4 An assessment of secondary traumatic stress in juvenile justice education workers 2011 Schnavia Smith Hatcher
5 Endurance exercise mediates neuroprotection against MPTP-mediated Parkinson's disease via enhanced neurogenesis, antioxidant capacity, and autophagy 2018 Yongchul Jang
6 Cognitive behavioral therapy and aerobic exercise for survivors of sexual violence with posttraumatic stress disorder A feasibility study 2015 Erika N. Smith
7 Workplace social stressors, drug-alcohol-tobacco use, and coping strategies 2016 April D. Schantz
8 From where does my support come? Unpacking the contribution of support for police 2020 April D. Schantz
9 Using a daily report card to reduce off-task behaviors for a student with Autism spectrum disorder 2020 Benjamin S. Riden
10 Identifying at-risk college student drinkers with the AUDIT-US A receiver operating characteristic curve analysis 2018 Michael B. Madson
11 Oxidation of thiol-proteases in the hippocampus of Alzheimer's disease 2005 Jennifer L. Marcum
12 Oxidative stress inhibits ionomycin-mediated cell death in cortical neurons Adrian T. McCollum
13 A mixed reality based hybrid swarm control architecture for manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T) 2018 Aditya N. Das
14 Redox regulation of cysteine-dependent enzymes 2010 Rodney P. Guttmann
15 Associations between the impact of COVID-19 and maternal stress 2021 Olivia P. Cutshaw
16 Measuring depression, anxiety, and stress in nursing students using the DASS-21 scale 2021 Morgan Snow