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1 Beyond beliefs Teachers adapting problem-based learning to preexisting systems of practice 2013 John L. Pecore
2 Exploring parental aggression toward teachers in a public school setting 2010 David C. May
3 The impacts of professional learning communities on science teachers’ knowledge, practice and student learning A review 2015 Selcuk Dogan
4 Using profile analysis for assessing need in domestic violence courts 2007 Diane L. Scott
5 Professional development for middle school science teachers Does an educative curriculum make a difference? 2017 Rose M. Pringle
6 Using a daily report card to reduce off-task behaviors for a student with Autism spectrum disorder 2020 Benjamin S. Riden
7 Peer victimization in extremely low birth weight survivors 2015 Kimberly L. Day
8 Overprotective parenting and peer victimization in extremely low birth weight survivors 2017 Kimberly L. Day
9 Advocating for students with learning and behavior challenges Insights from teachers who are also parents 2018 Keri Haley
10 A Synthesis of Research on teacher education, mathematics, and students with learning disabilities 2015 David H. Allsopp
11 Violent victimization and future expectations Results from a longitudinal study of at-risk youth 2018 Leah E. Daigle
12 The extent and risk of violent victimization among international college students enrolled in the United States A gendered analysis Leah E. Daigle
13 Seeking help from formal sources among teen dating violence victims Exploring the role of incident and victim characteristics 2021 Hasan Buker
14 Academic optimism and enabling school structure Predictors of professional learning communities 2021 Julie Anne Gray
15 Examining learning experiences designed to help teacher candidates bridge coursework and fieldwork 2021 Marliese R. Peltier