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1 Beyond beliefs Teachers adapting problem-based learning to preexisting systems of practice 2013 John L. Pecore
2 Exploring parental aggression toward teachers in a public school setting 2010 David C. May
3 The impacts of professional learning communities on science teachers’ knowledge, practice and student learning A review 2015 Selcuk Dogan
4 Using profile analysis for assessing need in domestic violence courts 2007 Diane L. Scott
5 Professional development for middle school science teachers Does an educative curriculum make a difference? 2017 Rose M. Pringle
6 Using a daily report card to reduce off-task behaviors for a student with Autism spectrum disorder 2020 Benjamin S. Riden
7 Peer victimization in extremely low birth weight survivors 2015 Kimberly L. Day
8 Overprotective parenting and peer victimization in extremely low birth weight survivors 2017 Kimberly L. Day
9 Advocating for students with learning and behavior challenges Insights from teachers who are also parents 2018 Keri Haley
10 A Synthesis of Research on teacher education, mathematics, and students with learning disabilities 2015 David H. Allsopp
11 Literature Review 2021 Wendy Bailey
12 A courageous, collegial partnership Excerpt from "Teacher leader reflections: Student leadership and student learning 2019 Keri Haley