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1 [Review of "Popes and Jews: 1095-1291" by Rebecca Rist] 2017 Marie-Thérèse Champagne
2 Walking in the shadows of the past The Jewish experience of Rome in the twelfth century 2011 Marie Thérèse Champagne
3 'Treasures of the Temple' and claims to authority in twelfth-century Rome 2007 Marie-Thérèse Champagne
4 Both text and subtext The circulation and preservation of two manuscripts of Nicolaus Maniacutius in twelfth-century Europe 2011 Marie Thérèse Champagne
5 Christian Hebraism in twelfth-century Rome A philologist's correction of the Latin Bible through dialogue with Jewish scholars and their Hebrew texts 2017 Marie Thérèse Champagne
6 Visual communication in mapping the life and afterlife of Nicholaus Maniacutius 2021-05 Rayne Henry
7 Unlocking the mysteries of the past Searching for clues in medieval manuscripts 2021 Isabella Cameron