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1 A synthesis of research on teacher education, mathematics, and students with learning disabilities 2015 David H. Allsopp
2 When a parent of a student with a learning disability is also an educator in the same district A heuristic case study 2017 Keri Haley
3 Building collaborative teacher education Integrating UDL through a faculty learning community 2020 Stacie B. Whinnery
4 The fight within Parent-educators advocating for their children with autism inside their own school districts 2020 Keri C. Fogle
5 Advocating for students with learning and behavior challenges Insights from teachers who are also parents 2018 Keri Haley
6 Building to algebra Big ideas, barriers, and effective practices 2016 David H. Allsopp
7 Impact of UDL integration on teacher candidates' knowledge, perceptions, and attitudes 2019 Stacie Whinnery
8 Using the co-teaching models 2019 David Hoppey
9 A courageous, collegial partnership Excerpt from "Teacher leader reflections: Student leadership and student learning 2019 Keri Haley
10 CV Keri Fogle