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1 Parenting, anger, and effortful control as predictors of child externalizing behavior The role of child sex as a moderator 2017 Cynthia L. Smith
2 Infant frontal electroencephalogram asymmetry and negative emotional reactivity as predictors of toddlerhood effortful control 2016 Cynthia L. Smith
3 Patterns of parental emotion-related discourse and links with children’s problem behaviors A person-centered approach 2018 Erika Hernandez
4 Adult social outcomes of extremely low birth weight survivors of childhood sexual abuse 2016 J. I. Lund
5 Adult mental health outcomes of child sexual abuse survivors born at extremely low birth weight 2016 Jessie I. Lund
6 Peer victimization in extremely low birth weight survivors 2015 Kimberly L. Day
7 Overprotective parenting and peer victimization in extremely low birth weight survivors 2017 Kimberly L. Day
8 Exposure to overprotective parenting and psychopathology in extremely low birth weight survivors 2017 Kimberly L. Day
9 Peer victimization in survivors of premature birth and low birth weight Review and recommendations 2015 Kimberly L. Day
10 Private speech moderates the effects of effortful control on emotionality 2018 Kimberly L. Day
11 Maternal behaviors in toddlerhood as predictors of children’s private speech in preschool 2019 Kimberly L. Day
12 Long-term effects of peer victimization on social outcomes through the fourth decade of life in individuals born at normal or extremely low birthweight 2017 Kimberly L. Day
13 Understanding the role of private speech in children’s emotion regulation 2013 Kimberly L. Day
14 Long-term psychiatric impact of peer victimization in adults born at extremely low birth weight 2016 Kimberly L. Day
15 Personality development within a generational context Life course outcomes of shy children 2017 Louis A. Schmidt
16 Relations among temperament, familial socioeconomic status, and inhibitory control in typically developing four-year-old children 2019 Raha Hassan
17 Inhibitory control in typically developing preschoolers Relations among temperament, respiratory sinus arrhythmia, and behavior at age 4 2017 Raha Hassan
18 Shyness, self-regulation, and cognitive problem solving in typically developing 4-year-olds A pilot study 2019 Raha Hassan
19 Health, wealth, social integration, and sexuality of extremely low-birth-weight prematurely born adults in the fourth decade of life 2016 Saroj Saigal